The Dream Team on New Perspectives Radio Show

Imagine being questioned by 3 of the most evolved beings you’ve ever met.  OK maybe that

is a little dramatic but that’s how I felt when Diane introduced me to her friends at New Perspectives Radio Show in Nyack NY.  I was first struck by each of our host’s (Paul, Anton and Rory) eyes, deep penetrating gazes that made me feel as though they could see right through me.

Clockwise from left: Me, Diane, Rory, Paul and Anton.

Clockwise from left: Me, Diane, Rory, Paul and Anton.

After a few minutes of pre-production and lots of help from Richard (sound tech/director/studio manager etc. etc.)

Here's Diane with Richard working in the background

Here’s Diane with Richard working in the background

we were up and running.  At first I had some doubts about our ability to fill an entire hour of dream attainment talk but with the expert guidance of Anton, Paul and Rory the hour flew by.  We covered some of the more difficult aspects of what it takes to manifest goals, dreams and desires.  There was particular attention paid to the spiritual and evolutionary process during the steps we take to get to our goals…..

Me agreeing with Anton about  "gateway" moments

Me agreeing with Anton about “gateway” moments

We all had a great time and felt there was a lot of really wonderful and useful information for those who are focused on living their dreams.  Diane and I are both really grateful for having the opportunity to be on New Perspectives.  Empowering and inspiring people appeared to be a goal for all of us that night let’s hope to do it again really soon!!

To hear the show in it’s entirety click on this link…


The Awaken Fair Dream Team Show Taping

After a few weeks of what seemed like a whirlwind of organizing, planning and last minute changes, Diane and I embarked on our first attempt to tape a few potential guests for our new show The Dream Team.  Christo our amazing and unbelievably talented camera man/editor was perfect for our impromptu taping.  This is Frank Associate Producer of Nicole’s Special Blend and The Dream Team and Christo camera man for both….

Frank and Christo

Frank and Christo

This was actually the taping of another show but I thought it was helpful to give you a visual of Christo’s face there with us at the Awaken Fair.  He’s always smiling and always working with some camera or other, I’ve learned to just let him do his stuff …never question genius.

Diane and I had a lot of fun working with people with some big dreams our table was a popular spot to be so we tried to take a few mini breaks here and there.

Diane and I in our interview corner at the Awaken Fair

Diane and I in our interview corner at the Awaken Fair

Diane and I were really impressed with the quality of vendors at the Awaken Fair.  I commented to Diane that we didn’t have to interveiw any of vendors because it seemed they were already living their dream.  It was the guests with the gripping stories of their life dreams that created the magic that happened that day.  I hope to have a few minutes of footage to share with you in the beginning of the New Year.

The Awaken Fair

The Awaken Fair

All in all we had a great time and look forward to another Awaken Fair in the Spring.  I will be sure to schedule in some time to check out some of the other vendors at the Awaken Fair next Spring, we were so busy at the last one that we didn’t get to experience anything else. 

Diane and I hope to see more guests who want to make their dreams come true next time. 


NEW PERSPECTIVES this Thursday December 6th at 6pm!  in Nyack NY.  Check us out at if you want to hear a podcast.  And in the meantime Diane and I wish you the blessing of creating your Life Dreams.  

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